Agility harmony

agility harmony
Customize any interaction based on your customers’ preferences, transaction history, online behavior, cross-channel activity and more. And respond in real time with targeted messages and offers.
Have the tools to tame big data

With powerful data segmentation tools and drag-and-drop segmentation planning, you can model audiences at lightning speed. Your campaigns can be purely goal driven and not limited by your inability to access meaningful subscriber information and attributes. You can integrate data from anywhere in your enterprise, as well as from cross-channel campaigns, and use it to drive customer engagement.

Deliver precisely targeted campaigns

Agility Harmony’s visual editor also offers drag-and-drop simplicity, making it easy to create complex multifaceted campaigns. You can leverage segmentation and targeting features traditionally associated with email platforms across SMS and mobile push. And segmentation, rather than queries, drives dynamic content, which can be easily enriched with live content. From device-specific segmentation to device-driven dynamic content, Agility Harmony helps you create campaigns optimized for mobile user experience.

Leverage analytics with discoverable insights

Up-to-the-minute analysis of active and recently deployed campaigns, as well as in-depth reports on email, SMS and mobile push interactions, provides valuable consumer insights. You can analyze device reporting filtered by PC and mobile devices, and review live content performance without changing applications. You can also take advantage of data visualization that helps you discover new audiences and build segments with just one click.

Get more than just a platform

Backed by the world’s largest and most experienced digital marketing services organization, Agility Harmony consistently ranks highest in service and client satisfaction ratings. We provide full-service digital marketing to some of the world’s most recognized brands, and we employ hundreds of experienced marketers proficient in campaign strategy, deliverability, creative and more. They all share one mission: help our clients achieve the best possible results.

“Epsilon has brought us expertise in strategy, segmentation and engagement, and a disciplined approach in talking to the consumer.”

— Jon Lee, Brand Communications Manager, BP

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