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Know each of your customers on a meaningful level through Epsilon’s unrivaled data resources and expertise.

Imagine knowing consumers like you know your friends. Understanding what they crave, what they need, what they’ll buy next and why they buy. With Epsilon data resources, you can.

Our premier solution, Agility Audience, offers you unrivaled customer information and tools:

  • Abacus® Cooperative — powerful transactional data on consumers and businesses in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.  
  • TotalSource Plus® — comprehensive source of compiled U.S. consumer data
  • Shopper’s  Voice® — leading self-reported consumer database in North America
  • Agility Connect® — next-generation recognition and customer data integration platform

We combine our rich data with yours, and with analytical expertise, to build detailed profiles of your customers. Our predictive models come as close as possible to knowing what the future holds (short of a working crystal ball, that is).

Power your omnichannel marketing to success and exceed your goals with Agility Audience.

“Epsilon is our trusted partner. Their expertise in data, modeling and market research ensures that our investments in marketing programs are efficient and effective.”

— Matthew Kinnahan, Vice President, Healthy Directions

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