We believe it is important to provide consumers with clear information about the data available in our marketing databases. U.S. residents may request a summary of the information about their household that is contained in Epsilon’s databases by filling out and submitting our marketing data summary request form. Have questions about the process? We’ve assembled the information below to help guide you to the answers.

How do I request access to my marketing data summary?

U.S. consumers may request access to their summary by filling out and submitting the online request form.

At this time, consumers outside of the U.S. cannot request access to their information using the online process. For access, please contact us directly at privacy@epsilon.com (North America), apac-privacy@epsilon.com (Asia Pacific region) or emeaprivacy@epsilon.com (EU/EAA region).

You can also choose to download the form, fill it out offline and submit it via the U.S. Postal Service to the address provided on the form. Requests submitted by postal mail must include a voided check. We use this check for verification purposes only and securely shred the check upon verification.