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Consumer information


We have created this resource to provide consumers with valuable information about general marketing practices, Epsilon’s marketing practices, consumer privacy and protecting consumer personal information. We strive to provide our consumers with transparency and choice.

Consumer resources

We offer several guides and tools here with information about our industry and practices to help bring transparency. In our consumer guide to direct marketing, you can find information on direct marketing basics, how Epsilon uses the data we collect, how to opt out of information sharing and other valuable topics. The marketing FAQs and glossary of marketing terms provide additional information and act as supplements to our consumer guide. 

We also provide information on fraud, identity theft and phishing to help educate you on these activities so you can protect yourself. 

Additionally, you can request access to Epsilon’s marketing data summary of the information we have in our databases about your household. We provide this service free of charge. 

Consumer choice

Consumers have the ability to opt out of receiving direct marketing that Epsilon enables. In our consumer preference center, you can find information on Epsilon’s privacy practices, including information on how to opt out of the various services we provide. 

EPSILON EARNS TOP MARKS “The vendor’s high score for privacy and security is due to its strong approach to governance and security, as well as market leadership over the ethical use of customer data.”

— Forrester Wave™



Protecting consumer privacy and promoting trust in marketing is important to Epsilon.

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Find out how you can take complete control of how Epsilon uses your information.

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Discover the most common fraud and identity theft tactics and suggestions to help keep your information safe.

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Marketing Data Summary Request

U.S. residents may request a summary of the information about their household that is contained in Epsilon’s databases.

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Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

The FTC offers a variety of educational and reporting resources for consumers, including a Consumer Response Center, the Do Not Call Registry, Facts for Consumers, Report Violations Registry, Identity Theft Registry and the Spam and Phishing Registry.

Direct Marketing Association (DMA)

The DMA offers information and tools to assist consumers in opting out of various forms of direct marketing.

  • DMA contact information

    Direct Marketing Association

    1120 Avenue of the Americas

    New York, NY 10036-6700

    Telephone: 1 212 768 7277

    Fax: 1 212 302 6714



    DMA Mail Preference Service

    Direct Marketing Association

    1615 L Street

    Washington, DC 20036

    Telephone: 1 212 768 7277



    DMA Email Preference Service


U.S. and Canada Do Not Call registries

The U.S. and Canada maintain National Do Not Call registries. A consumer can register his or her personal telephone number(s) so that he or she does not receive telemarketing calls from for-profit companies. By law, marketers must refrain from contacting a consumer who has submitted their name to the Do Not Call list.

Helpful websites

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau also offers consumer privacy guidance on their website at


Network Advertising Initiative (NAI)

The NAI provides a centralized location for consumers to opt out of interest-based advertising by its members at


Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA)

The DAA establishes and enforces responsible privacy practices across the industry for relevant digital advertising, providing consumers with enhanced transparency and control. It also provides a centralized location for consumers to opt out of interest-based advertising by its participants at